Preparing For Spring Pests in Northern Utah

February 16, 2015

Spring is coming and that means spring pests are too. As you dream of warmer days and getting back outdoors, your friendly neighborhood spiders, insects and rodents are having the same thoughts. Once daytime temperatures approach 60 degrees, pests feel safe enough to begin their annual search for food, water and shelter. You can take several steps now to help minimize your risk of indoor pests this year.

Begin Your Pre-Spring Cleaning

People tend to accumulate clutter during the holidays, thanks to busy schedules and shorter days. Attacking some neglected areas of your home now, before warm temperatures take hold, can remove pest-attractive conditions. Begin with your kitchen, cleaning thoroughly under and behind appliances. Empty your pantry and discard outdated items. Repackage any open food in airtight containers and remove all traces of crumbs throughout the kitchen and food storage areas. Check around the house (including the attic and basement) and in the garage for any cardboard boxes or papers that may be on the floor. Springtime amour will send pests in search of nesting materials, and these are some of their favorites. No sense making things easy for them!

Revisit Home-Maintenance Projects

Besides food and nesting materials, two things that attract pests to your home in the springtime are easy access and water sources. Inspect your home’s perimeter for cracks or holes that will allow access. Fill cracks with caulk and repair any holes you find, even if they are tiny. Repair holes in window screens and add or replace weather stripping around doors and windows. Check attic access points and roof vents to ensure screening materials are intact. Finally, check your plumbing system (inside and out) for any signs of leaking. This includes under sinks, behind toilets, in the laundry room and at all hose bibs. Repair leaks now to save on your water bill and remove the attraction for pests.

How to Avoid a Pest Infestation this Year

Taking these simple steps will go a long way toward preventing pests from entering your home this year, but you must remain diligent throughout the spring and summer. Keep your home and garage free of pest attractants (food, water and nesting spots). Keep your yard and garden cleaned up, ensuring that wood piles and other potential nesting sites are up off the ground. If you haven’t had regular pest-control service visits throughout the winter, start immediately. Just because you haven’t noticed any problems doesn’t mean they aren’t present. Remember, all those eggs the spiders and insects laid around your property last year are about to hatch.

In Provo and the neighboring areas, All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care is ready to help protect your home from the impending pest influx. Spring pests can bring disease and property damage, not to mention discomfort from bites and stings. Don’t wait until you see spring pests before you have your home treated this year.