Natural and Organic Pest Control Products

February 16, 2015

Recently, more and more people have asked for information on organic or natural pest control. Below are some of the natural strategies available for home use.

Beneficial Insects

There are many so-called “good bugs” that dine on our unwelcome pests. Beneficial insects include ladybugs, the praying mantis, and beneficial nematodes are just some of the insects that will work to eradicate your yard of pests. This approach only works as a preventative or at the earliest onset of a pest problem, however.

Natural Bug Repellants, Barriers, and Traps

Many natural products are available to repel pests from your home or yard. These products are limited in scope however, working primarily for 4-legged critters such as deer, rabbits, rodents, cats, etc. Unfortunately, rain and other natural events can reduce the efficacy of natural barriers and repellants, requiring frequent reapplication.

These aren’t your grandma’s mousetraps. Modern traps typically use attractive colors, food, or scents to attract pests into an inescapable container, but sticky traps are also available for many pests. Drawbacks of traps include the need to put them somewhere out of reach of kids and pets but also the inherent (and often distasteful) need to handle and dispose of the traps, once they’ve done their job.

Natural and Botanical Insecticides

Biological pest control products are typically based on imparting naturally occurring toxicity to pests. Insecticidal soaps and abrasives such as diatomaceous earth are non-toxic options that may also be effective on select pests. The problem with these products is that, because they are naturally occurring, they are not long lasting and consequently require frequent reapplication. It is also difficult for the consumer to identify other, beneficial insects or plants for which these products may also be toxic.

Creating a Balanced Ecosystem in Your Yard

Nature’s own pest control strategy lies within a well-balanced ecosystem. Ideally, if we could all create and maintain a balanced ecosphere in our own homes and yards, we would never need pest control. Unfortunately, we cannot control what our neighbors do and pests migrate freely about our neighborhoods. Using all of the strategies we’ve outlined above will help create a self-regulating ecosystem but, for most people, something is bound to get out of balance at some point. Wetter years, dryer years, and a host of environmental events can cause an overrun of different pests at different times. For those cases, the use of a responsible local pest control service like All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care becomes necessary to protect your home, family, and pets from dangerous and unwanted pests. Contact us at All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care today to discuss what types of natural products might be effective for your pest problem and when it might be time to up the ant(e).