Bare or Brown Spots in Your Lawn

February 16, 2015

You work hard to have a lush, green lawn and then, one day, disaster strikes! There’s a big, brown spot, right in the middle of your yard. Now what? Don’t despair if a spot is bare… it’s easy once you know just a few secrets of how to fix bare patches in your lawn.

What Causes Bare Spots in Your Lawn

Lots of things can bring on a patchy lawn. Animal urine, high in soluble salt and urea, is a common cause. Mold, fungal disease, excess thatch, and overly compacted soil may all be to blame. Uneven, under- and over-watering are common culprits, as are failing to fertilize or over/improperly fertilizing. Mowing too short prevents proper root growth, which can also cause brown or bare patches. Disease, systemic drought, pests, or weeds may be at fault. Finally, bare spots can emerge from heavy foot traffic over time..

Prevent Bare Spots in Your Lawn

It’s easier all around if you take a few preventive steps to keep bare spots from developing in the yard. Take extra care to water your lawn properly and add a little extra water in those areas where Rover likes to spend his time. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, test it frequently and check for uniform coverage. You may want to have your grass fertilized as well.

Fix Bare Spots in Your Lawn

Once bare or brown spots appear, dealing with them can take some work. If concentrated watering on the bare spots does not produce results, try aerating the area, adding in mulch and nutrients, and seeding or sodding the bare spot. Lawn patch products are commercially available but may or may not work well for your geographic area. You may also want to try a seed germination blanket to protect the patch from birds and erosion. If your lawn problems persist, it may be time to call in a professional. Local lawn care services will be able to recognize the cause of your lawn’s brown or bare spots and repair your yard so that it will last. Trained lawn care technicians can assist you not only in addressing any problems in your yard, but also in keeping it green and healthy in the future. At All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care, we are happy to assess your lawn and provide just the right touch with our green thumb.